Radiotelephony Training and Examination (RT)

Professional Air Traffic Controllers with a current ATC license can assist you in providing VFR Radiotelephony and IFR Radiotelephony training. When you are working hard towards a PPL , CPL or ATPL and if you should require training or additional training, please feel free to contact us.


PlaneTime provides


  • VFR Radiotelephony training
  • IFR Radiotelephony training
  • Refresher courses for VFR Radiotelephony
  • Refresher courses for IFR Radiotelephony
  • IL&T approved Examination for both VFR as well as IFR RT


PlaneTime also provides possibilities to conduct English Language Endorsement Examination required by ICAO for holders of pilot licences and air traffic controller licenses. Take a quick look on our dedicated LPE pages.