1959 Piaggio FWP-149D

PlaneTime is extremely proud to be able to offer one of the world’s lowest houred Piaggio FWP-149D.

This aircraft saw active German Military Service between 1959 and 1972 and last served with JG74 (Luftwaffengeschwader 74) at Neuburg/Donau. After military service it was transferred to the German Civil register as D-EEHH and saw service with several German owners until 1989. It was flown to Belgium, dismantled and stored with less than 1600 hours TT !

Belgian Certificate of Registration was issued on 25.04.1989

Aircraft has no damage history and full service history is available.

Current owner removed all paint and finished the fuselage in clear coat.

Aircraft is dismantled but complete and comes with a large number of spare parts and accessories.

The aircraft was constructed in Germany by Focke-Wulf in Bremen with genuine metal parts. Later Italian built aircraft were equipped with fiberglass/plastic covers but not this one !

Registration History:

(1) AS+386

(2) BC+702

(3) BF+702

(4) JD+390

(5) 90+45

(6) D-EEHH

(7) OO-FWP

The aircraft is offered “as is” and the buyer shall be responsible for the complete removal of aircraft and all associated parts.

Offers are invited.


Focke-Wulf FWP-149D

Aircraft registration:   OO-FWP

Manufacturer Serial Number:   059

Maximum Take-Off Mass:   1820 kg

Year of Manufacturing:   1959

Total Time on Airframe:   1600

Engines:    1x Lycoming GO-480-B1A6

Engine Power:   270 hp

Total Time on Engines:   613

 Propellers:   1x P1033/G4-DA/306334/A

Total Time on Propellers:   550


– ADF-14D-1 ADF
– Narco COM 120 VHF
– Narco CP-126 Audio Panel
– Narco AT-500A Mode-C Transponder


– Fabric with leather inserts in reasonable condition (7/10)


– Bare metal exterior finished in several layers of clear coat. Excellent condition (9/10)


– Empty Weight 1210,6 kg
– Max Take Off 1820,0 kg
– Useful Load 609,4 kg

Aircraft is supplied “as is”, is complete and comes with a large number of spare parts (listing of parts is not available)

Price:    €33.500 (Offers are invited)

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