–Sold– Amazing KitFox Series 5 SpeedSter

The Kitfox is a 2 seat side-by-side aircraft that has truly amazing handling characteristics and is just as comfortable in the back country bush flying as it is flying cross country into some of the busiest airspace.

Without much doubt PH-ZSM is one of the best KitFox aircraft available for sale.

Its present owner is an Aeronautical Part 66 Aircraft Engineer and he has given this aircraft all the tender love and care it needs…. and much more  ! This wonderful KitFox is now available for sale and PlaneTime is truly proud to have been selected to sell it.

The aircraft sports many extra’s such as an 8.33 VHF radio, Mode-S transponder, Grove Springgear, AvMap navigation and a AvMap Ultra EFIS. The list goes on. Even the purpose made trailer is included in the sale.

The KitFox is one of the few aircraft designed with foldable wings from day one. It’s a breeze to take this aircraft back home after each flight and save massively on hangar rent.

Being a Mark V Speedster, this KitFox is faster than the standard version yet burning only around 17 litres mogas per hour.

Length               5.60 m

Span                   9.76 m

Height                1.73 m

Wing Area         12.28 m²

Cruise Speed     96 kts

Max Speed         102 kts

Stall Speed         32 kts

Range                  685 NM

  • Carbs
  • Engine_1
  • Engine_2
  • Exterior_1
  • Exterior_2_BW
  • Exterior_3
  • Exterior_4
  • Fuel_Indicator
  • Fuelcap_1
  • Gear&CargoPod_1
  • Hobbs
  • Interior_1
  • Left_Wing+Flaperon
  • Panel_1
  • Panel_2
  • Panel_3
  • Panel_4
  • Panel_5
  • Pitot
  • Plane+Trailer
  • Prop_1
  • Prop_2
  • RightWing+Flapron
  • Taildetail
  • Tailwheel
  • WingFolding
  • Wiring_1
  • Wiring_2