— SOLD — 2011 VANS RV-9A

PlaneTime is proud to offer this 2011 Vans RV-9A Experimental Aircraft. The RV-9A descends from a wide range of quality Vans aircraft known for their reliability and “total performance”, able to cruise   fast and yet land slow on basically any kind of surface.

This particular aircraft was constructed over a seven year period with a focus quality and comfort.

Engine and Propeller were purchased brand-new and are dynamically balanced for an even smoother ride.

It is superbly equipped with a dual Dynon Skyview system coupled to a Dynon integrated autopilot enabling the pilot to maintain a heading, given track or fly straight to a GPS waypoint or VOR. It also tracks the ILS localizer and the altitude function lets the pilot maintain level or climb/descend to a selected altitude.

OO-156 is equipped with dual ADAHRS systems. ADAHRS stands for Air Data/Attitude/Heading Reference System. The SkyView ADAHRS module uses MEMS sensor technology to accurately measure inertial, magnetic, and air data. These provide the data necessary to drive the Artificial Horizon/Synthetic Vision, Airspeed, Altitude, Vertical Speed, Slip, Turn Rate, Angle of Attack, and Gyro-Stabilized Heading. Additionally, Outside Air Temperature is obtained from the SV-OAT-340 Sensor which is connected to the ADHARS Module.

  • 1024_Dynon
  • 1024_Canopy
  • 1024_Baggage_Area
  • 1024_Com_Transponder
  • 1024_Cowling
  • 1024_Construction_Plate
  • 1024_Exterior_1
  • 1024_Exterior_3
  • 1024_Exterior_2
  • 1024_Fuel_Selector
  • 1024_Exterior_4
  • 1024_Frontal_View
  • 1024_Nosewheel
  • 1024_Fuelcap_Left
  • 1024_Panel_Left
  • 1024_Left_Step
  • 1024_Left_Wing_Reflection
  • 1024_Panel
  • 1024_Seats
  • 1024_Static_Port
  • 1024_Tail
  • 1024_Wingtip&Strobe
  • 1024_Spinner_Transition