1948 Cessna 195A

The 195 was the first Cessna airplane to be completely constructed of aluminium and features a cantilever wing, similar to the pre-war Cessna 165 from which it is derived. The wing differs from later Cessna light aircraft in that it has a straight taper from root chord to tip chord and no dihedral.

The air foil employed is a NACA 2412, the same as used on the later Cessna 150, 172 and 182.

The 190/195 fuselage is large in comparison to other Cessna models because the 42″ diameter radial engine had to be accommodated in the nose. There are two rows of seats: two individual seats in the first row, with a comfortable space between them and up to three passengers can be accommodated on a bench seat in the second row.

The 190/195 has flat sprung-steel landing gear legs derived from Cessna’s purchase of the rights to Steve Wittman’s Big X. The 195 is equipped with a retractable step that extends when the cabin door is opened, although some have been modified to make the step a fixed unit.  N4343V has the original retractable step.

Although N4343V was constructed as a Cessna 195A, it is equipped with the Jacobs R755B2 engine that produced 275 HP.

The Cessna 195 produces a cruise true airspeed of 148 knots (274 km/h) (170 MPH) on a fuel consumption of 16 US gallons (61 L) per hour. It can accommodate five people.


Cessna 195A

Aircraft registration:    N4343V

Manufacturer Serial Number:   7249

Maximum Take-Off Mass:  1520

Year of Manufacturing:   1849

Total Time on Airframe:   4050

Engines:   Jacobs R-755B2

Engine Power:    275

Total Time on Engines:   100 hours SMOH

 Propellers:   2-bladed Hamilton Standard constant speed

Total Time on Propellers:    235 SMOH


– Garmin GTR-225 VHF Transceiver (8.33 KHz spacing)
– Garmin GTX 328 Mode-S transponder
– Headphone Jacks with PTT switches
– Radio Speaker


– Light brown velours front seats and rear bench in good condition (9/10)
– Matching side panels in good condition (9/10)


– Yellow and Blue paintscheme in reasonable condition (7/10)


– LED landing light
– LED wingtip strobes and nav lights
– LED fuselage strobe

Price:    €85.000 (excluding VAT or EUR 102.850 including VAT)


  • Baggage_1
  • Exterior_2
  • Interior_1
  • LED_Landing_Light
  • LED_Strobe
  • LH_Wingtip_LED
  • Panel_1
  • Panel_2
  • RH_Wingtip_LED