2007 Van’s RV-7 (1/4 Share, based Rotterdam The Hague Airport)

PlaneTime is proud to offer a quarter share in a 2007 Van’s RV-7. This aircraft was carefully constructed using the latest techniques and powered by a 180 horsepower engine driving an MT three bladed propeller. The outside appearance is stunning and the aircraft is always hangared when not in use.

Due to a busy schedule, one of the owners decided to offer his share for sale. This RV-7 is based at Rotterdam The Hague Airport and the three remaining shareholders are looking for a kind and enthusiastic co-owner with at least 200 hours total time and preferably tail wheel experience. In case of training-wheel experience only, the shareholder must be willing to train on a Piper Cub and willing to be checked out on the RV-7. Since this is an experimental aircraft, maintenance and cleaning is a joint activity, so the new shareholder must not be afraid of dirty hands. Somebody with DIY skills would be the ideal candidate.

The RV-7/7A is Van’s most popular current design. Since the RV-7/7A replaced the most popular kit aircraft in history, Van’s RV-6/6A, this is probably no surprise.

About 70% of Vans customers prefer side by side seating and the RV-7/7A has a roomy cockpit that will easily accept two 6’ + adults with sufficient leg, head and elbow room to stay comfortable for three to four hours at a time. The seating arrangement puts both occupants on an equal footing – standard dual controls and optional dual brakes give either occupant full control with equal visibility.

Thousands of RV-7/7A kits have shipped to countries all over the world. If you prefer sitting next to your flying partner while you both enjoy one of the nicest-flying airplanes ever… Well, we know you’ll like the RV-7/7A.

Van’s RV-7

Aircraft registration:  PH-VII

Manufacturer Serial Number:   71681

Maximum Take-Off Mass:   816 kg

Year of Manufacturing:   2007

Total Time on Airframe:   482 (1-1-2019)

Engines:   TMX Mattituck IOF-360-A1A

Engine Power:   180 hp

Total Time on Engines:   MT-Propeller MTV-12-B (Adjustable Pitch, 3-bladed)

Propellers:   MT-Propeller MTV-12-B (Adjustable Pitch, 3-bladed)

Total Time on Propellers:   482 (1-1-2019)


– 2 Blue Mountain Lite Plus G4
– ICOM IC-A210E, VHF Radio (8.33 KHz spacing)
– JP Instruments Vision Micro 1000C
– Garmin GTX 330 Mode-S Transponder

Interior:   Leather Interior in top condition

Exterior:   Tip Up Canopy. Dark gray/Black/Red (see pictures) in top condition


– Dual FADEC Engine Control
– Angle of Attack system
– Electric Trim
– Electric Flap Control
– Back Up Air Speed Indicator
– Back Up Altimeter
– CO Warning
– Custom made Power and Mixture Control
– Andair Fuel Selector
– Dual Brake System

Price:    €32.000 (VAT Free)


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